schallundrauch agency

"All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last."
Marcel Proust

The schallundrauch agency is an independent dance and performance group. They have lived and worked in Vienna since 2003.

"schallundrauch agency is a group of young, talented, extraordinary, stubborn, Austrian dancers and performers. The play FLOP is the proof that modern dance theatre in Austria can be very cool.”
(Tweetakt Festival, Utrecht)

Our work incorporates contemporary trends in the areas of dance and performance art to suit a young audience. Our theatre pieces evolve out of a very personal involvement with a given topic. Authenticity on stage is very important to us. Our production “6” deals with the subject of sexuality and was awarded the STELLA award 2012 in the category “exceptional production for a young audience”.
The performances and theatre pieces of the agency take shape in the form of many different happenings: stage pieces, street performances, living room experiences and flash mobs. In 2014 the agency welcomed visitors to an extremely fast paced local heritage museum (Da Saund of Music – Hidden Tracks); in 2011 the agency built a performance-bike and invited the audience to come to the green Prater for a picnic and performance (“Vanilla Sex“). As part of the 2008 youth theatre piece “Flop”, a ritual took place on the Mariahilfer Street, in which a self-made scapegoat was lowered down in the elevator of the underground line U2, along with the audience’s sins. Bus rides through the industrial area, with pre-planned break downs, were part of the Linz version of FLOP. On stage we don’t assume an air of importance, and yet we do take ourselves seriously and often draw on our autobiographies. The performers have their origins in various different fields and shape the style of the agency through their uniqueness. .

Gabi hat Glück 2015
Mim Zug 2015
In the wrong film – a theatre performance in 3D 2014
Da Saund of Music – Hidden Tracks 2014
The oracle of schallundrauch 2013
Da Saund of Music 2012
6 2011
Vanilla Sex 2011
PEACE off! 2011
HI(gh) SKY! 2011
My Toaster Has Just Gone Nuts 2009
Flop – a very bad and long performance 2008
The Broccoli Test 2007
Special Offer and I Have a Dream 2005 und 2006
Rhinoceroses 2006
Cultures in Movement 2004
Waiting for Signore Gondolino 2004

Performance spaces:
Dschungel Wien | green Prater Vienna | pedestrian zone Steyr | church of the Redeemer Krems | Im_flieger Vienna | Kunsthaus Festival Horn | Lesofantenfest main library Vienna | Mariahilfer street Vienna | schäxpir festival Linz | shop window at the Spittelberg | sevenlightstheatre in Peking | Tavira city theatre in Portugal | St. Stephen’s Square Vienna | street festival Josefstadt | Szene Bunte Wähne dance festival | Tanzquartier Vienna | Tweetakt Festival Utrecht | TanzZone Innsbruck | numerous living rooms in Vienna and Lower Austria | Volkskundemuseum Vienna