The Crew

Artistic direction and performance: Gabriele Wappel and Janina Sollmann
Technical administration, stage design and lighting design: Silvia Auer
Stage Design and performance: Michael Haller
Costume and décor: Anna Panzenberger, Devi Saha
Collaborator for performance and pedagogy: Harald Sickha, Jules Lazare Mekontchou
Performers: René Friesacher, Elina Lautamäki, Jules Lazare Mekontchou, Marco Payer, Verena Pruka, Sebastian Radon, Christian Recklies, Oneka von Schrader, Kajetan Uranitsch, Šimon Voseček, Martin Wax, Una Wiplinger
Workshops: Martin Wax
Press and Marketing, Production: Jasmin Strauß-Aigner

Since 2008 Frans Poelstra has been the coach to the schallundrauch agency.

schallundrauch agency has worked time and again with artists from other disciplines. Important companions along the way have been Dorli Mayer, the Wladigeroff brothers, Helmut Jasbar and Hannes Kiengrabner.

concept, artistic direction, choreography and performance
studied pedagogy for modern dance at the Vienna Conservatorium as well as German and Hispanic philology at the University of Vienna. She has done theatre work with young people (e.g.: Hunger, WUK 2005, PEACE off!, SBW 2011, Sleeping Beauty has gone mad 2012) and worked as a performance artist (e.g.: This is a man, choreography by Lindsey Drury, SoloDuoFestival Budapest 2007).
She has been director of schallundrauch agency together with Gabriele Wappel since 2003.

concept, artistic direction, choreography and performance.
studied pedagogy for modern dance at the Vienna Conservatorium. Her career as a dancer has included work for Mathilde Monnier, the Vienna State Opera and the Neue Oper Wien. She has worked as a choreographer for the chorus at the opera Nantes/Angers and the Neue Oper Wien. She has also done workshops and coaching for various dance-theatre projects.
She has been director of schallundrauch agency together with Janina Sollman since 2003.

workshops, performance
Born and raised in Regensburg. Since his early childhood he was in contact with music (piano, flamenco, orchestra, Big Band) and movement (acting, dance, judo, kung fu, stage combat). He studied contemporary dance pedagogy at the private university “Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK)” in Vienna. Shows and performances with Willi Dorner, Tomohiko Kyogoku, Alexandra Karabelas, schallundrauch agency (amongst others). Since summer 2016 he is working at the schallundrauch agency in the fields of workshops and cooperations with schools.

communication, marketing and press, producer
Jasmin Strauß-Aigner studied theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna. She then worked at VBW and DSCHUNGEL WIEN in the fields of dramaturgy, press and marketing. Besides her activity in theatre she is a member of the pop/punk-band Cry Baby and from time to time performs as a DJane. She is part of schallundrauch agency since summer 2016.
lighting design and technical direction
is stage and lighting designer. Her work includes technical direction, lighting design, décor and stage design for the dance-theatre Homunculus. She has collaborated with various different groups in the independent theatre and dance scene and leads workshops for lighting and light design.
She is part of schallundrauch agency since 2003.

costume and décor
is currently in training to become a modiste at the fashion school Hetzendorf and studied textile/art and design at the University of Art and Design Linz. She did the stage design for the schallundrauch agency’s “Rhinoceroses”, “The broccoli test” and “Da Saund of Music”, as well as internships, work experience and jobs at various theatres (“Seefestspiele Mörbisch”, “Märchenbühne “Der Apfelbaum””, theatre “Hausruck”, “Schauspielhaus Wien”). She devotes her time to headpieces and textiles of all sorts, illustrations and drawings.

ist seit 1998 freischaffend als Modistin und Kostümbildnerin tätig. Kostüme kreierte sie u.a. für Neue Oper Wien, Max Reinhardt Seminar Wien, Schauspielhaus Basel, Märchensommer NÖ, Schauspielhaus Graz, Dschungel Wien, Landestheater Coburg, Tanz*Hotel. Anfertigungen für Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, Bundestheater Wien sowie Werbeproduktionen. Seit 2014 unterrichtet sie in der Modeschule Wien/ Hetzendorf Modell-Modisterei Werkstatt.
performance and pedagogy
is an independent theatre-maker and art therapist in training and under supervision. The focus of his art therapist training lies in the performing arts (Kathy Tanner). He leads workshop at schools, youth centres and for adult education.
He is part of the schallundrauch agency since 2007.

musical direction, performance and piece development
was born in Prague where he started his dance education with 5 years of age, had piano and organ lessons. He studied composition at the Prague Conservatorium and at the Vienna Music University. Since his graduation in 2008 he spends his time as a freelance composer, chansonnier, teacher, handyman and homemaker. His understanding of the phenomenon ‘work’ is affected by his yearning for scope for development.
He is part of schallundrauch agency since 2012.

stage design, performance and piece development
studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He has collaborated with international productions in the fields of spoken theatre, contemporary dance, performance art, opera, ballet, cabaret and video. Since 2007 he lives and works in Vienna as a freelance stage designer; since 2010 he also works as a performance artist. He founded the society “quersinn” together with Katharina Vana.
He is part of schallundrauch agency since 2009.

performance and singing
Born in 1991, from earliest childhood in touch with music, dance and theatre. Piano lessons since her eighth year ( prizewinner at Prima La Musica ). At the age of sixteen she took up dancing again and rediscovered her love for movement as a way of expressing herself. Practice and further training in contemporary dance, yoga, Feldenkrais, Parkour etc.  Performed in several cinema and television films as well as in musicals and dancing performances. Since 2013 studies in rhythm at the university of music and art in Vienna. She developed her own choreographies and compositions.

was born in Cameroon and currently lives and works in Vienna. As a choreographer he has developed various pieces of his own, incorporating African and contemporary dance. He was a co-choreographer for the theatre production “Wagner” directed by Paulus Manker, and for the production “Soliman*Revisited” by “Tanz*Hotel” in the Odeon theatre. He leads many courses and creative workshops for children and grown ups; furthermore he is a trained kindergarten assistant.

was born in 1989 in Vienna. Between 1990 and 2003 he was a member of the Vienna Boy’s Choir. He started his dance lessons (ballroom dance) at the age of 17 and later became a member of a competitive dance union. Since 2010 he has been studying contemporary dance pedagogy at the private Konservatorium Wien University. Alongside his studies he has a career as a competitive dancer in the discipline: competition dancing. Together with his formation team he has made it into the finale in European and World cups on numerous occasions. In 2013 he was distinguished by an international jury at the Fidelio competition in Vienna for his work as the choreographer for the piece “myositis ossificans”, which he conceptualised together with Carmen Pratzner.

performance and piece development, vocals
is a musician, singer and teacher in Vienna. She studied philosophy, psychology and pedagogy, sports science and physical education at the University of Vienna and completed two years of extra-occupational education in the ChladekⓇ-dance system. Verena has had musical collaborations with the circus Kaos, Peter Herbert, Wolfgang Mitterer, Melissa Coleman, Ulrich Ellison, Karl Ritter, Otto Lechner, Pamelia Kurstin, Ernst Wally and the light designer Victoria Coeln. She has also produced her own CDs under the pseudonym “ena”.

breakdance, dance, performance and piece development
lives and works in Vienna and is 25 years old. He originated in the breakdance scene, where he has already been active for 11 years. At the age of 17 he participated in his first theatre piece with the dance theatre “homunculus”. Since 2014 he has been studying contemporary dance education at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna.
He is part of schallundrauch agency since 2012.

performance, piece development, vocals
Born in Finland in 1986. There she studied voice (Pop, Jazz), flute, piaono and music pedagogy. She was part of various ensembles. During her exchange year in Salzburg from 2009 to 2010, she came in contact with contemporary dance and performance for the first time. Since 2011 she lives and works in Vienna as a performer and pedagogue. She studied music and movement pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna. Further training in contemporary dance and urban styles.
performance, piece development, live music
is a former member of the Vienna Boy’s Choir, a graduated jazz singer and Montessori pedagogue, as well as a self-taught artist in the areas of: percussion, didgeridoo, guitar, yodelling, overtone singing, performance, etc. Since 2006 he has worked as a teacher (i.a. currently at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna) and leads workshops for all age groups; sings and plays in various projects, operas and theatres (i.a. in the Dschungel Wien: “Kaka-Du”) and together with renowned musicians and choirs, such as the Vienna Chamber Choir, etc. He is part of schallundrauch agency since 2013.

performance and pedagogy
is a dancer, performance artist and theatre pedagogue (in training). He studied Hispanic philology and environmental studies in Graz, Vienna and Prague, has acted in the theatre group “Sogma”, Theater am Ortweinplatz (TaO!), as well as in the music-theatre ensemble “Prospekt” which was awarded the Jungwild prize 2007. He performs together with “Slapstickboys” (Küngschobernitsch) and founded the company “Freispiel”. He studies at the MIME in Amsterdam.

performance and piece development
was born in Carinthia and is an independent, versatile artist and pedagogue. He lives in Vienna and is always on the move. He is a qualified Hara Shiatsu practitioner and Franklin Method movement pedagogue. Additionally he is trained in sound therapy with the voice and Estill Voice training level 1 and 2. Christian plays the ‘lively’ drums for the band “Chilfish” and as of recently also performs as a solo artist.

performance, piece development and vocals
studies at the SNDO Amsterdam; she has worked as a performance artist together with Karl Wozek, J. Matzat, “kam.bium”, “quersinn” and won the first prize with the dance company “Quivive” at the sbw-Offspring 2007 for the production “geheimlich”, as well as the Jungwild young talent award 2007 for “romanced”.